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For information or questions regarding what we offer, call Amanda at 352-217-1616
Horseback Riding Lessons
I offer beginner-advanced western or english horseback riding lessons. The lesson is an hour long and is very hands on. The student learns safety first, then how to groom and tack the horse. The riding portion is 30 minutes in the arena followed by untacking the horse and clean up. The price is $35 per lesson.
Ages 5 and up.
For the little kids (4 year olds) I offer 40 minute lessons with 15 of those minutes being riding time. I find the little kids learn better with a shorter lesson. The price for this lesson is $25.
Pony Ride/Grooming lessons- To learn how to groom a horse it is $15. If your child is under 4 years old, I offer a grooming lesson with a pony ride for $20.
Pony/Horse Rides
Pony rides are $8 and are for kids of all ages.  The rider can help groom and tack the horse or I can have the horse ready when you arrive.  I have a "Pony Ride Card", after 5 rides you will get one free for yourself or give it to someone else! The rider can choose to ride in the arena or around the trail.
 This ride is hand led.   The pony ride lease is $25 per month for 1 pony ride per week.
Mini Golf
Come play our western themed 4 hole miniature golf course! The cost is $2 per person for unlimited play.
Horse Leasing
I have many different horses available for lease.  The lease is  monthly with no contract. You have all the fun of owning a horse with no extra fees. The tack is included and helmets are available. You have the use of the arena and once you are experienced with the horse you can venture off property. The lease starts at $60 per month and that includes 1 ride per week. It is $100 per month for 2 rides per week. The lease can be adjusted to how often you would like to ride. The mini horse or pony lease for the little kids is $20 per month and you can come out as often as you like. Experience necessary.
Before you can lease, you will need to have 1 lesson on the horse you are leasing.
Birthday Parties/Pony Parties
Please see the Birthday Parties page for more information!
Trail for 2
Trail rides are approximately 45 min long. You start in the arena to get to know your horse, then head out around the 10 acre property and down the trail. You end up in the arena where you can have more ride time if you like. I have a trail guide that will show you where to go. Trails are for ages 12 and up and are $35 per person. For $10 extra you can ride for an additional 30 minutes in the arena after your trail.
Trails are for 2 people only. Some exceptions can be made, please inquire.
Trail Ride at Lake Louisa
Trail rides at Lake Louisa are an hour long with a guide. You come to the ranch before the ride to pay, select your helmet, sign your waiver and meet your horse. You meet us at the park. The guide will take you on an hour and a half long trail, walking only. There may be opportunities for trot and/or lope. Groups of 2 only, some exceptions can be made. This ride is for experienced riders. $80 per person.
Quality Horse Boarding
    Full Board is $450 per month and includes a stall with bedding, Seminole feed twice daily, Timothy/Orchard Hay, flax seed, daily electrolytes & monthly de-sander.  I feed a lot of extra hay in the winter months for no extra fee.
All horse boarding includes the use of the facilities, large riding arena, large round pen, tack room for your supplies and tack, wash areas, 6 cross tie areas, blanketing your horse in the winter, and fly spraying your horse as needed. Your horse will always have fresh, clean water and lots of grass! I provide mineral/salt blocks in the fields or stalls as well.
The feed for full board is equivalent to 1.5 lbs of feed twice a day. If your horse requires more feed, the price will be increased.
I will gladly feed any supplements you want your horse to have. You must provide it.
I also have a paddock board which is $400 per month. It includes everything listed above except your horse will have an outdoor stall with a shelter.
I live on the property and have a gated access. I keep my property very clean, including my fields which are scooped on a regular basis. Your horse will always have fresh water and a clean place to live. I love all the horses as my own and check on them a lot throughout the day.
I have a Vet and Farrier that I use, I will be happy to keep track of your horse's schedule and make appointments as needed.
Saddlewood Fun Club
Check out the "Fun Club" page for more info!
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