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Full Care Horse Boarding


What is included:


*Buckeye Feed twice daily

*Alfalfa or Orchard/Alfalfa Hay 

*Daily electrolytes

*Monthly de-sander

*Stalls include pine bedding & a fan

*Paddocks include a shelter

Stall Board:  $650 monthly

Paddock Board:  $550 monthly


Full care horse boarding includes the use of the facilities, large clay riding arena, large round pen, separate air conditioned tack room for your supplies/tack, wash area, 6 cross tie areas, blanketing your horse in the winter. Your horse will always have fresh, clean water and lots of grass!


The feed for full board is equivalent to 1.5 lbs of feed twice daily. If your horse requires more feed, the price will be increased.


We will gladly feed any supplements your horse needs, you must provide it.


We live on the property and have a gated access. We keep the property very clean, including the fields which are scooped on a regular basis. We love the horses as our own and check on them a lot throughout the day.


Veterinarian and farrier available, we will be happy to keep track of your horse's schedule and make appointments as needed.


Your horse will receive a custom made wooden sign for their

paddock or stall!










































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